Kodak Black Net Worth

Kodak Black Net Worth

Kodak Black Net Worth

Net Worth: $1 Million
Real Name: Bill Kahan Kapri
Birth Date: June 11, 1997
Place of Birth: Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
Father Name: N/A
Mother Name: Marcelene Octave
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Height: 1.70m
Weight: 67kg
Profession: American rapper, singer, and songwriter
Nationality: United States of America

The tycoon Bill Kahan Kapri brought into the world as Dieuson Octave, better known by his stage name Kodak Black, is an American rapper. However, he acquired starting acknowledgment with his single “No Flockin,” delivered in 2014. The estimated net worth of this celebrity Kodak Black is $1 million.

In 2017, his presentation collection, ‘Painting Pictures,’ crested at number 3 on the US Billboard 200 and incorporated the Billboard Hot 100 top ten single “Tunnel Vision.” In 2018, Black’s subsequent collection, Dying to Live, topped at number one on the Billboard 200 and was upheld by the single “Zeze,” including Travis Scott and Offset, which crested at number 2 on the Hot 100.

By times of standard achievement and open contentions and legitimate issues, Kodak Black’s profession has been set apart. All through the last part of the 2010s, his legitimate difficulties started in middle school and spiked essentially. In 2019, Black was captured for weapons ownership and was condemned to just about four years in government jail; his sentence was driven by President Donald Trump in 2021.

In 2020, while imprisoned, he delivered his third studio collection, Bill Israel. In 2022, his fourth studio collection, Back for Everything, continued and contained the hit single “Super Gremlin” as a little something extra track.

Early Life and Biography

On June 11, 1997, Kodak Black was born Dieuson Octave in Pompano Beach, Florida. However, he was the child of a Haitian worker, Marcelene Octave. Later, he lawfully changed his name to Bill Kahan Kapri. Moreover, Kodak Black was brought up by his mom in Golden Acres, a public lodging project in Pompano Beach.

While in elementary school, Kodak Black began rapping and started to go to a neighborhood trap house after school to record music. Their childhood was spent perusing the thesauruses and word references to add his jargon. Furthermore, often he took part in fights and breaking with his companions.

From school in the 5th grade, he was removed for battling and was captured for auto robbery while in middle school. He said that he was given two choices regarding his childhood: “sell drugs with a gun on his hip or rap.”

From six, Kodak Black utilized the epithet “Black.” Additionally, he used the handle “Lil’ Black.” When he joined Instagram, he picked the username “Kodak Black.” This later turned into his stage name when he began to rap and a term preferred by his fans. In 2014, Kodak Black went to Blanche Ely High School, as reported. In middle school, he was captured for auto theft.

Professional Career    

In 2009, at the age of 12 years, Kodak Black joined a rap bunch called ‘Brutal Youngnz,’ under the stage name ‘J-Black.’ Then, he, at that point, joined a nearby rap bunch called ‘The Kolyons.’ In December 2013, Kodak Black delivered his first mixtape, ‘Project Baby,’ continued in December 2014 with the mixtape Heart of the Projects, and in December 2015, the mixtape ‘Institution.’

However, in October 2015, Canadian rapper Drake posted a video of himself moving to one of Kodak Black’s songs, “Skrt,” which assisted him with acquiring notoriety regardless of protests from different rappers like ‘Earl Sweatshirt.’

From French Montana’s 21st mixtape MC4, he was included on French Montana’s single “Lockjaw,” which arrived at a pinnacle position of 23 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in May 2016. In August 2016, Kodak Black’s single “Skrt” reached number 10 on Billboard’s “Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles” diagram.

In June 2016, he delivered his fourth mixtape, ‘Lil B.I.G. Pac,’ which turned into his first mixtape to outline on Billboard, arriving at number 49 on the “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums” graph and number 18 on the ‘Heatseekers Albums diagram.’ Also, in June 2016, Kodak Black was named one of ‘XXL’ magazine’s “2016 Freshman Class”.

In 2016, Kodak Black delivered the melody “Can I” while he was in prison. On February 17, 2017, Kodak Black supplied the song “Tunnel Vision.” Further, the piece appeared at number 27 and crested at number 6, becoming Kodak Black’s first top 10 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100′ and number 17 on the ‘Canadian Hot 100′.

However, Kodak Black delivered his presentation’ studio collection Painting Pictures’ on March 31, 2017. The collection arrived at three on the ‘Billboard 200’ and sold 71,000 identical units the first week, a record for Kodak Black.

On August 18, 2017, he delivered the development to ‘Project Baby, Project Baby 2’. In November 2017, Kodak Black had a luxurious adaptation of ‘Project Baby 2 named Project Baby 2: All Grown Up’. On the Billboard Hot 100, the song from the fancy form, “Codeine Dreaming,” topped at number 52.

In January 2018, Kodak Black was captured after an assault on his Florida home. On Valentine’s Day, Kodak Black later delivered the ‘Heart Break Kodak’ mixtape. On December 14, 2018, Kodak Black supplied his subsequent collection ‘Dying to Live.

The collection was driven by the fruitful song “Zeze,” which highlighted rappers Travis Scott and Offset, as well as “If I’m Lyin, I’m Flyin,” “Take One,” and “Calling My Spirit.” The collection included ‘Lil Pump’ on “Gnarly,” rapper ‘Juice WRLD’ on “MoshPit,” and honored late rapper ‘XXXTentacion.’

On the Hot 100, “Zeze” crested at number 2, then, at that point, “Calling My Spirit,” additionally from the collection, topped at number 46. On Billboard 200, ‘Dying to Live’ in general was outlined for a long time and ended at number 1 for seven days.

On October 25, 2019, Kodak Black released “Zombie” with ‘NLE Choppa’ and ‘DB Omerta.’ On February 14, 2020, Kodak Black delivered “Because of You,” trailed by a music video for the melody. Then at that point, Kodak Black asserted that if the tune were ‘certified platinum’ by his birthday, he would deliver a collection.

On May 12, 2020, he delivered the song “Vultures Cry 2”, highlighting ‘WizDaWizard’ and ‘Mike Smiff.’ On November 11, 2020, Kodak returned with his third collection, ‘Bill Israel,’ while carrying out a jail punishment.

On January 23, 2021, he delivered the song, “Last Day In,” in which he tends to his delivery from jail, on account of his acquittal from President Donald Trump: “Trump just freed me, but my favorite president is on the money/All they hatin’ presidents has become evident to me.”

On February 6, 2021, he released the single, “Each Balmain,” where he examines life post-jail. On February 19, he was highlighted on ‘Lil Yachty’s single, “Hit Bout It,” which was delivered close by a music video.

On May 14, 2021, Kodak delivered a mixtape named ‘Haitian Boy Kodak.’ Moreover, Kodak gave his next project, ‘Happy Birthday Kodak,’ on June 11, 2021, his twenty-fourth birthday celebration. On November 1, 2021, Kodak delivered a music video from Syko Bob and Snapkatt’s Halloween-themed mixtape, “Sniper Gang Presents Syko Bob and Snapkatt: Nightmare Babies,” for the tune “Super Gremlin,” an 11-track project of which Kodak shows up on eight tracks.

On the Billboard Hot 100, “Super Gremlin” turned into a hit, topping at number five. On February 25, 2022, the tune during a battle outside a Los Angeles Italian café was additionally remembered for Kodak’s fourth studio collection, “Back for Everything.”

Personal Life

During his imprisonment, Kodak Black started to distinguish himself as a ‘Hebrew Israelite’ after a minister who conducts jail service concentrated on sacred text with him. Later, he filed to change his name to ‘Bill Kahan Blanco’, with Kahan, as far as anyone knows, being an elective spelling of kohen, that is a term utilized in Judaism to allude to clerics who descend from the prophet “Aaron,” the brother of “Moses.”

On May 2, 2018, he legally changed his name from “Dieuson Octave” to “Bill Kahan Kapri.” In June 2018, while in jail, Kodak Black obtained his GED. On February 6, 2021, Kodak got back to web-based media with another haircut and a slimmer figure.

However, that very day he presented a video on Twitter where he and his legal advisor ‘Bradford Cohen’ said that they had informed the FBI in Miami that Kodak would take care of instruction costs for the two children of late FBI representative Laura Schwartzenberger and the child of late FBI specialist Daniel Alfin, both of whom died on duty.

During a battle outside a Los Angeles Italian restaurant on February 12, 2022, Kodak Black was shot where Justin Bieber presented a Super Bowl-week party.

Awards and Achievements

Despite not being in the music business for quite a while, Kodak Black has had the option to make some standard progress and gets a few awards en route. Here is a portion of the recognition that Kodak Black has been assigned for during his career: In 2018, he received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Song. In the year 2017, he received VMA Award for Best New Artist.

Annual Salary $1.2M – $1.6M
Earning Point Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Working in Industry Since 2009
Still Alive Yes



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